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Electronics Engineering

Electronics Engineering embrace and consist of any work or activity relating to the application of engineering sciences and/or principles to the investigation, analysis, synthesis, planning,design, specification, research and development, provision, procurement, marketing and sales, manufacture and production, construction and installation, tests/measurements/control, operation, repair, servicing, technical support and maintenance of electronic components, devices, products, apparatus, instruments, equipment, systems, networks, operations and processes in the fields of electronics, including communications and/or telecommunications, information and communications technology (ICT), computers and their networking and hardware/firmware/software development and applications, broadcast/broadcasting, cable and wireless television, consumer and industrial electronics, electro optics/photonics/opto-electronics, electro-magnetics, avionics, aerospace, navigational and military applications, medical electronics, robotics, cybernetics, biometrics and all other related and convergent fields.

This Electronics Engineering program aims to:

  • Produce competent electronics engineering graduates through conveying the knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful electronics engineers,
  • Develop students’ ability to recognize, formulate, design and solve electronics engineering problems that would lead in the development of new technologies for the benefit of the environment and society.