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Campus Life

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The UCP campus holds various student activities under the supervision of the Office of Student Affairs through the help of Central Student Council. The Office created programs and activities that serves to ensure students’ enjoyment and active participation. The UCP institution places balance between academics and curricular activities, believing that this institution is not just a place where students gain their academic knowledge but also where a person’s holistic development takes place. From student orientation to team building activities, student initiated activities, seminar-workshops on relevant issues, personality and professional development programs, culture and arts activities, sports, recreational events, and community outreach programs, the institution and the administration shows full support to their students. Thus, these help students bring out their potentials and develop competencies molding them into well-rounded individuals.


To provide student services with a welcoming, supportive and challenging environment that maximizes opportunities for learning and success through optimum programs that cater student development, celebrate differences and promote civic and global responsibility.


To produce responsible students who would become promising professionals and participative citizens committed to a life of global service and leadership.